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Patsy Lo

Artistic Director


Originally from Hong Kong, Patsy worked in marketing for more than 20 years globally. A few years ago, at 48, she left her high powered job at Apple Inc. after working for the American tech giant in various countries to become a full time dance student in Paris, France. She had never danced before.

Blending her passion in dance and movements and her background in marketing, Patsy founded sml Dance. The hope is to share dance & movements as mediums for courage, self exploration and human connections. 

Patsy's personal artistic project, reBIRTH, began its development with a residency at Orsolina28 in Sept. 2020. Extensions of the project have been selected for international dance festivals and featured in Numéro China and Nowness Asia on numerous occasions.

Now, splitting her time between Hong Kong, London and Paris, Patsy still practises ballet and contemporary dance. She has also added aerial hoop as her latest addiction.


Photography | Christophe Meimoon

Hair | Javier Palacio

Make up | Tatsu Yamanaka

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