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reBIRTH x Christophe Meimoon x Numéro 

As part of the bigger reBIRTH project, sml Dance has commissioned artists from around the world to express their interpretations of reBIRTH with a curated group of dance artists.  


“We look for certain qualities - certainly, a belief in the value of the message is crucial. We tend to invite ‘evolved spirits’ - people who have found beauty in traumas or darkness through their own experiences and would like to share their versions of hope, resilience and evolution,” Patsy (sml Dance's founder) said.


The first commissioned artist, Parisian director and photographer Christophe Meimoon, had met Patsy through a mutual friend during the lockdown period in France.  


In his interpretation, Christophe shows the strength of the human body and how connected we are with each other. His idea is centered around bringing out the beauty in the body and in the skin.  It shows how adaptable we are when dealing with oppositions within, and the power in trusting and letting go.  It also touches on the importance that, even as we evolve, we must move as one and be aware of how our movements and actions impact the ones around us. It is about finding the balance and peace within it all.  


In the video work, reBIRTH, Christophe uses the veil as a metaphor for oppositions and challenges in life - how it can be soft, tender and partially transparent. Choreographed and performed by Andrea Carrucciu (perviously as Macbeth with Sleep No More, Shanghai), the piece is about showing how we can dance with life, and all that it brings.  

The work was covered by Numéro China, December 2020.

Giulia D'Antoni, Andrea Carrucciu, Jean Baptiste Ferreira, Gildas Lemonnier, Rafael Molina | Dance Artists

Jean Michel Clerc | Styling

Javier Palacio | Gooming & Music

Adrien Gontier | DOP 

Asile Paris and Valentin Chauvin | Post Production 

Sharon Chiu | Deputy Chief Editor of Numéro China

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