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#madeforREBIRTH x DJ Furth
Numéro x Nowness x Berlin Film Festivals

In collaboration with director DJ Furth. The piece, Ways of Seeing. 

"Ways of Seeing is a film about the transformative, healing power of nature and female wisdom as expressed through movement.


I wanted to bring attention to the courage it takes to sit with the inevitable pain we experience as we seek to grow.  


The film seeks to focus on the ways our inner world is expressed in how we move - particularly subconscious movement.  And, based on this, to investigate the healing effects of liberated movement.


The film also draws on my fascination of nature’s capacity to humble and inspire us and, given this, the ways through which we can become more aware of, and receptive to, that innate strength.


Similarly, I’m convinced that even the most seemingly mundane experiences can have profound, lasting impact on our lives. So the film is a reflection of my feeling that a slight shift in perspective - of how we perceive something or ourselves - can dramatically change our experience.   


I’m comforted by remembering the value of these small, simple experiences - that today, or any day, might bring about something that could change the trajectory of our life.


For me, it’s about reminding ourselves to accept the invitation to submit to our unknowable futures and relax into that ambiguity."

- Covered by Numéro China and Nowness Asia (February 2021);

- Winner of Best Director at Mexico City Videodance Festival (September 2021); 

- Shortlisted for Young Director Award (June 2021), Berlin Commercial Film Festival and Berlin Fashion Film Festival; and

- Selected by Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema (June 2021) and Quinzena de Dança de Almada Dance Film Festival (2021).

Commissioner and Executive Producer | Patsy Lo

Zheng Lingmin and Amy Grubb | Dance Artists

Sharon Chiu | Styling 

Chen Minghui & Geyan | Producers

Dustin Tung | DOP 

Jingjing 静静 | Art Director

Gao Meng 高猛 | 1st ac

Zhang Xin 张鑫 | 2nd ac

Hu Jun 胡俊, Yang Qi 杨琪, Zhao Hongxing 赵宏兴, & Jia Kaifan 贾凯帆 | Photography & Grip Crew

Jimmy/Huang Guobin 黄国宾 | Gaffer

Xiaopi/Pi Jingping 皮荆平, Wang Weijia 王伟嘉, Wang Rongfei 王荣飞, Feng Xiucai 冯修才, Ren Qiang 任强 | Gaffer Crew

Anna Hu | Make-up Artist

fmlik | Color Grading

Gumlab | VFX 

Grond/Fu Dakun 傅达坤 | Steadicam

 IXYXI | Music & sound design

Jia Kai 贾凯, Wang Shaofei 王少飞, & Zhou Zhuan 周专 | Props

Zhao Hongxing 赵红星, Shi Yanghua 石杨华, & Shi Wang 石旺 | Set crew

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