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reBIRTH Residency

After nine months of planning - a major part of it taking place during the nationwide lockdown in France - the artistic development of the first stage performance piece began in September 2020 at Orsolina28, an highly regarded international hub for dance training and creative development in Italy.


This first of a series of artistic stage dance piece was commissioned to Graham for Europe. The piece includes four beautiful contemporary artists who share the same dance language, one created by modern dance pioneer Martha Graham, who opened the pathway to self-discovery, and connecting emotion to motion. The artists will use the same physical sources and in-depth discoveries to speak to this time, their time. They will develop their own voice forged in the rich history of modern dance that is to be rediscovered and to be born to the instant. Each dance artist is a contributing choreographer to the overall piece.

Artistic & Choreographic Director:  Patsy Lo (Founder of sml Dance)

Program Director:  Rafael Molina (Artistic Director of Graham for Europe)

Contributing Choreographers/Dance Artists:  Giulia D'Antoni, Gildas Lemonnier, Shenjie Li & Rafael Molina

Giulia D'Antoni, Jean Baptiste Ferreira, Gildas Lemonnier, Rafael Molina (dance artists)  

Tommaso Giuntini (photographer)

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