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#madeforREBIRTH x Robert Nilsson x Numéro China



"The idea is simple: we enter the minds of the three beautiful dance artists, feel their illusions, listen to them tell a moment that has an important impact on their lives, and watch their performances and interpret their own stories. For this short film, I wish it had the feeling of the audience watching the performance, so the pace was slower.” Director Robert Nilsson. 

3 is about three dance artists.  3 is the third in the #madeforREBIRTH series. 3 is a powerful take on how each of us, no matter how "blend in" we might seem, have a story that shaped us, defined us and helped us evolve.


How it is often a choice, which we all can fairly own, on how to be influenced by the seemingly unfortunate events in life.

Photography and Directed by:Robert Nilsson

Movement Direction and Commission:Patsy Lo

Choreography and Performance:蔡文君、付立唯、张胜

Talent:张彤、斯基、颗粒、王昕彤、郭姿杏、钟林江 & Guan Honghang

Styling:Sharon Chiu

Creative and Art Direction:Robert Nilsson & Sharon Chiu

Editor:Robert Nilsson

Music:Omar Santis



Director Assistant:Johnny

Studio Assistants:王春华、何帅

Styling Assistants:圓子、娟子

Wardrobe:付立唯 Luminous, 张胜 Pronounce, 蔡文君 Acne Studios

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