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"This is about all of the artists involved.  This is a story of us - of you and I." 


reBIRTH started from a casual conversation in a dance studio in Paris in January 2020. 


It was at first a conversation about the protests around the world, how some of them turned to extreme violence. It was about the impact of COVID-19, how it was more than an illness, how it could cause certain levels of panic and irrational behaviour. And in more distressing situations, how a pandemic could force businesses and restaurants that have been around for many years to disappear.


The conversation then took a different turn. It was decided that it was time to remind ourselves that, as a human race, we have been through much worse. That we can choose not to be consumed by sadness, fear and anger.


This conviction was borne by Patsy’s  (sml Dance's founder) personal experience. She had a brush with death due to the illnesses that kept her in bed for months. At one point, she was not able to stand or put on clothes due to the swelling and pain all over her body. Plus, the inability to hold down food or sleep at night made her feel that the possibility of an impending death would actually be a relief. 


Yet, at 48, she left a high-powered job with Apple Inc. to become a full-time dance student in Paris, practising ballet and contemporary Graham technique.  

Why reBIRTH?


Patsy added: “Perhaps if we can start by looking at opposition differently and always with a sense of ‘evolution’, we could take away its dominance on us. That no matter what happens, after we wipe our tears and attend to our wounds, we can make a choice to turn it into something better and beautiful. Perhaps in doing so, we would feel less victimised, less angry and less afraid.


My body was giving up because I didn’t listen or connect with it. I had also forgotten that there is a wealth of intelligence and power within my body - emotionally and physically. That almost took my life. I hope that through dance, we will be reminded of the power of the body. That we are built to be able to embrace and integrate all aspects of our emotions - not just the happy ones.


In nature, there is a special rhythm where everything goes through cycles. A special design where it doesn’t really begin or end. The rain feeds the earth and the grass, the grass is eaten by the cows, then the cows get eaten by some of us, and the cycle continues. It is constantly transforming and evolving.”

reBIRTH is a platform.

reBIRTH is a point of view. 

reBIRTH is life itself. 


Like nature, it’s both powerful and tender.

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